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Allow Installation of Application from Unknown Source in Mac

If Mac is not allowing you to install/run application from unknown source, go to command line and run the following command: sudo spctl --master-disable Now install or run the application that was previously blocked. It should work fine. If you don't care about security then you can close the terminal and continue to work. But if you do, go to step Step 2. Optional Step 1: Now if you go to System Preference -> Security and Privacy you will see that Install From Anywhere is enabled. Optional Step 2: Go to command line and run the following command: sudo spctl --master-enable

Download or Generate GraphQL Schema

If you are using Apollo server on localhost and want to generate or retrieve the schema ( I did this because I needed the schema.json file in my Android project), do the following: Install Apollo CLI using: npm install -g apollo After this is installed, run the following command: apollo client:download-schema --endpoint=http://localhost:8080 This will download the schema.json file in the present working directory.  If the endpoint of your server is not localhost, change it to the respective URL. You may need sudo permission while installing apollo.